L.H. Plante & Fils Inc. performs heat-treatment on wooden pallets and dunnage, which is essential for exports.

L.H. PLante et fils heat treatment on wooden pallets and dunage

Heat treatment at the wooden pallet’s factory

L. H. Plante & Fils Inc., adhering to Canadian standards

It is essential that packaging material used to export goods undergo a heat treatment process. L. H. Plante & Fils Inc. has a dryer to treat wooden pallets and crates used in packaging. We fully comply with Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards and with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15).

A treatment to improve the quality of pallets

Heat treatment destroys insects and larvae in wooden pallets. It also reduces pallets' humidity and weight, and facilitates handling. With L.H. Plante & Fils Inc., you'll be sure to meet Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

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